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10 Career Paths to Choose from After a Degree in Architecture

Fulfilling the course of an architecture degree can be an immensely long and laborious process, but on the brighter side, it’s pretty rewarding too. Although, many architecture graduates are themselves oblivious as to what career path to choose once they are out in the field. They are not quite sure how to go about it, or if they even want to take architecture as a career at all.

Don’t you worry! We have got you covered. Here is our list of 10 popular career paths to choose from after a degree in architecture.

Careers in Architecture

1. Landscape Architect

Landscape architects are involved in the creation of restorations, water management, designing forestry, agriculture, and even public recreational areas. This could be a potential career path for you if you enjoy the conservation of the natural environment as well as working with it.

2. Urban Planner

With more and more people moving to cities for a livelihood, urbanization is at its peak these days. There is an increased need for the construction of urban spaces now more than ever. This can be a challenging responsibility for the architect covering everything from sustainability and economic factors to demographic changes.

Urban planning is further divided into three types:

a. Master planning

b. Land-use planning

c. Economic development

3. Restoration and Conservation Architect

If you have an interest in the history and heritage of the society, this will possibly be the most exhilarating career path for you. You would certainly love to be a part of restoring the heritage for future generations. Although conservation and restoration can be quite a challenging task. Especially when dealing with all those people who are protesting against the restoration of heritage. Architectural conservation involves preservation of historical and design integrity of heritage through planned interventions.

4. Extreme Architect

This is a relatively new branch of architecture that came into light after an increase in natural hazards, climate change, and natural disasters. The predicted floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, famines can lead to an extreme phenomenon known as desertification i.e. flooding and eventual destruction of the surface of the earth. Hence, extreme architects deal with the tackling of these extreme situations as well as help us to adapt to the future of our planet.

5. Lighting Architect

Light is a very important part of lives and it has a huge impact on us physically as well as mentally. Lighting architecture deals with the sustainability of not only natural environments but also our work and living spaces while improving the quality of our well-being and providing us with a healthier lifestyle.

6. Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for managing architectural projects. They oversee elements of design, technicalities, organize and review building plans, and also prepare contracts.

Careers In Art and Design

7. Video Game Designer

This is probably one of the most fun field for a new architecture grad where you can let your imagination run wild. As a video game designer, you can create fascinating visual worlds and environments along with your architectural knowledge, and without any constraints and boundaries. Designing has surely never been this exciting.

8. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an aesthetically pleasing field that is taking up by storm these days. Architecture combined with graphic design can open doors to multiple possibilities of communicating with the people while being within the field.

9. UX and UI Designer

UX (User Experience)and UI (User Interface) design are very important design-based careers nowadays. UI is anything the user may interact with to use a digital service or product including, screens, touchscreens, lights, and sounds, etc. On the other hand, UX, as the name suggests, is all about the experience of the user with those interactions. The positive, negative, and neutral experience.

10. Product Designer

To sum it all up, a product designer is basically a problem solver. This is a massive field in itself and is further branched out into many types. Two of those are closely related to architecture which are discussed below.

● Industrial Designer

Industrial design is just a smaller version of architecture. Rather than designing huge buildings and landscapes, the industrial design focuses mainly on the mass production of small scale objects. This is an alternative path for those who want to venture into something smaller instead of the mainstream world of architecture.