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5 Things every architecture student will regret about !

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

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Studying architecture is a long and creative process that requires you to be thoughtful and demanding awareness of everything and anything possible. It's a lot of effort and work, and in the end, there might be much stress, and one might not really get time to take care of self. A passionate architecture student cannot be complaining about the good amount of white hair he/she sees as semesters pass by or of the growing dark circles as everything is about priorities.

And definitely, architecture is not the profession to make quick money.

Here are five things every architecture student will regret:

1. That small nap you could have taken, but you did not, because nights are no more for sleep.

2. Lazying around like before.

3. Could have upgraded your apparatus if you didn't have gone out for the weekend.

4. Thought of " should have taken a lighter course," crossing your mind innumerable times.

5. Maybe one more cup of coffee would have helped me to stay away from sleep.

Great architects are not built overnight, but with patience, hard work, and over the years. Architecture is not a course for someone who isn't passionate and ready to hustle and strive.


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