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50 Thesis topics !!!

Source: Pinterest

Choosing a thesis topic has always been a big deal. Student Architects witness the real mind block in their thesis semester.

Following are fifty suggestions for your thesis topic:

1. Neighborhood development

2. Community garden design

3. Waste recycling center

4. Restoration of heritage old building

5. Rehabilitation Housing

6. Riverfront development

7. SMART village

8. Bermed structure

Source: Pinterest

9. Urban Agriculture Centre

10. Revival of Heritage building

11. Redevelopment of slum

12. Vertical farm

13. Eco-Mosque

14. Re-densification of the historic center of (city of your choice)

15. OS Substation of Firefighters

16. Recording studio with an attached concert hall

17. Multipurpose stadium

18. Interactive children's playground

19. Backyard housing

20. Retreat house for the elderly

21. Rural housing for peasants ( city/region of your choice)

22. Public and recreational spaces for the benefit of the socio-cultural development

Source: Pinterest

23. Sustainable vertical residential complex

24. Prototype of prefabricated and progressive housing

25. Bio-inspired design of a kinetic node for adaptable structures

26. Convention and exhibition center

27. A critical view of sustainable architecture

28. Analytical study of the design potentials in Kinetic Architecture

29. Design of ruled surfaces

30. Bridges and communication towers

31. Urban monuments and land art

32. Peripheral parks

33. Creating low-cost housing

34. Skyscraper design

35. Lightning excellence center

36. Automobile training center

37. Archaeological survey institute

38. Bus terminal cum commercial complex

39. Bio-climatic buildings

Source: Pinterest