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6 Things every thesis student will understand!

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The thesis semester is the finale of your architecture course. Architectural design thesis is an independent design research project on a topic developed and selected by the student. Choosing the topic for the thesis and completing it at the right time can be called a roller coaster ride for architecture students. This includes so many different components to juggle for any one individual and time constraint is just the cherry on top. No amount in the day seems to be enough to get all the work done. We all procrastinate and push our submissions to the last minute through the entire course of five years. However, thesis is the semester where you realize how much you can do under a ticking clock. Whether you are a procrastinator or planner, everyone has something or the other to do five minutes before the jury. Here are six things every thesis student will relate to:

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1. Time shortage - no matter how hard you try, all work happens 2-3 days before submission.

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2. Concept making, finalizing the plan, and changing sites throughout the semester are for real.


3. More than work, the thesis is all about memories.

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4. Almost giving up and thinking of taking up the thesis next year.

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5. The victory of Black Book Printing and submission.

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6. Nights are no longer for sleep, and tea/coffee is your greatest company.

Talk to any random Architecture student and they will have their own version of the struggle story to narrate on with a victorious smile of finally being able to submit. Thesis is not just a project but an emotional memory


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