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6 Tips for a Better Architecture Resume in 2021

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

When considering a position in the industry of architecture, you face strong competition. Thus, your resume needs to portray your experience and topmost skills in an uncomplicated and easy manner. We have come across several resumes that have been filled with loads of unnecessary information and decorations. Another very important point is that a resume has to be short, as compared to an architecture portfolio. To sum it all up, your architecture resume should be simple and easy to read.

Like many job seekers, you might not understand how to make a resume that stands out. But, worry no more. Here are our top 6 tips for a better architecture resume. Apply these to your resume and increase your chances of success.

May the odds forever be in your favour.

1. Keep the Fonts Minimum

All you need are two fonts. Really. Using too many fonts will make it look messy, unorganized and it might ruin the presentation factor of your resume.

Hence, use one font for the titles and one for the rest of the text. Here are some minimal duos of fonts that you can use:

2. Use Fewer Colors

This part can be tricky for many of you. Colors look lively and have an energetic vibe to them, but, a resume doesn’t need to look colorful or flashy in order to stand out. Instead the simpler, the better.

Hence, start by using black and white only. If you feel like it needs more life to it, add one color. Maybe your favorite color or a color that highlights your personality? However, you like it.

3. Symmetry

In design, architecture, and anything in general, symmetry is a key aspect. For your resume to look neat and professional, you want to consider how and where will you position the text. You can’t have text floating around aimlessly.

Thus, in this case, symmetry does wonders.

4. The Empty White Space

This is an important aspect in the lives of designers, artists, and architects. The breathability in the design of an object matters a lot. In the same way, the empty white space in your resume is good to let the eye rest and make the design look less dense.

Don’t pack your resume with too many words and information. Less is better.

5. What To Write

It is vital to cover up all the necessary information in a couple of words and phrases, or even icons. Some of the minimum requirements of a resume are:

● Profile

● Education

● Skills & expertise

● Work experience

● Interests/hobbies

● Contact details

6. Do Not Copy

It’s okay to be inspired by a certain design but copying it A to Z is wrong. Your resume needs to be a representation of you as an individual and the best way to achieve that is to make your resume yourself.

If making an unconventional resume seems too much, stick to the classic style, keeping it simple, as shown below.

Our list of top 6 tips for a better architecture resume comes to an end here. We learned that the key to a good resume is to keep it simple and minimal. Rest assured if you apply our simple yet important tips on your resume, your chances of success will surely increase.


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