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7 Tips for aspiring interior designers !!


Interior designing is already a prominent field with established importance and popularity. Interior designers by default are expected to make the functional space more breathable and beautiful by determining space requirements and the client's preference of style.

Interior and Spatial Designer, Exhibition Designer, Production Designer, and Visual Merchandiser are few other fields of employment under the entity of interior designing.

The major 7 elements of design are space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern. A balance of these elements is vital to every scheme. Here we are putting down seven tips to complete your project on a satisfying note for the aspiring and new designers in the industry.

1. Look out for new and observe:

Creativity comes from inspiration, and keen observation is the key element. To create new from the over-exposed projects and to produce the never and less -seen should be the motto. Extreme passion makes the striking extraordinary.

Collecting references as much as you can and later working on it should be more or less at a "by default mode".

2. Include greens:

Try as much as possible to include green, as it not only brings life to space but also enhances the whole mood and outlook of the interior.

3. Be a master in required software:

It is very important to impress the client while pitching and software brilliance can help you cross over the hurdle a lot easier. Good communication and presentation skills make things half done and this is now no more a hidden fact.

4. Focus on lighting:

Light plays a major role in enhancing the whole setting, using light in cabinetry, playing around with the emitting intensity at the right levels have proved for the wonders it has already created.

5. Re-imagine the already existing:

Re-imagining the already existing and re-imagining your most recent drafts brings in top-notch improvisations.

6. Make use of global markets:

The most suitable product might not always be available in the local market, have an eye on costing but never compromise on settling anything less than your true satisfaction level. It is also important to be self-updated about the new trends and other associated factors.

7. Play with colors:

Colors play an important role in enhancing the setting, and also it's one of the deciding factors of the final output. Choose and mix colors wisely and observe the aesthetical changes it is capable of constructing and destructing.


"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place".

- Anonymous