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A day in the life of an Architect!

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Does an architect's daily routine revolve around 9-5?

Once one person addressed an architect's life to a high profile salesman who sells dream designs to their clients. It is much true to an extend.

From coffee being the best friend to sleep being a long lost friend, a day in an architect's life is pretty much of an "ohhh" moment.

Every day is a new challenge and so architects start their morning by taking a deep breath before they plunge into the battlefield tackling the client's criticism, contractors pricking the brain, and the endless doubts of these helpless laborers.

A day in the life of an architect is a lot more and less of a particular routine other than from regular site visits and client meetings.

Five years of degree would have shaped these young architects in a particular way, but the actual work field can literally go around, the structure of college life where the students are forced to work at night due to the closing deadlines and extreme pressure from faculties seems to carry on into professional life as well.

It's a natural tendency out of practice that architects seem to be productive and creative at night than at day.

No fixed lunch hours or office time is more or less like a normal once you are into the field. Food is just grabbing a quick bite and rushing towards the next meeting or task which is planned in advance because prioritizing work and clients is a true architect's motto.

Another aspect that seems to affect a lot is that clients make time for the meeting only when they are free and this is one thing that disrupts architects from having fixed office hours and also they look at the project altogether as a single piece of work. Whereas an architect would focus on the details of each element to bring the best out of the project.

Site visit is one of the toughest tasks of the day as it squeezes the entire energy. It is very important to plan well in advance an agenda to carry out things well.

Architects view the world in terms of structures, designs, and solutions to satisfy their clients and one could survive in the field only with rooted passion.

Hosting meetings with the team, checking the design, assigning work and alterations, an endless number of phone calls, e-mails, checking for samples, calling for quotations, attending to all the accounting work, and preparing a report for the day with a recap is just another part of the regular life of an architect.

Constantly considering new ideas, being open to criticisms, staying up-to-date in the field, maintaining contacts are all important and unavoidable tasks in an architect's life.

"One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again".

- Renzo Piano