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A Mahal in the Sky. -- A Project by Ar. Amee Vora


The residence "A Mahal in the sky" located in Mumbai was built with a deliberate intention of designing a luxurious space with the contemporary style of interior design. The client was very much specific about incorporating rich Indian culture into the design, and thus the project interior designer Amee Vora was assigned for this project by taking her experience and the established name into consideration.

Trained architect turned practicing interior designer and the principal designer of AV Fourth Dimension Ar. Amee Vora approached this project as a challenge which he only played to win. The 5,500 sq ft area came out to be a striking luxurious and admired design discussed in the history of the interior design industry.

The initial step towards designing was by confirming and take note of the client requirements and specifications which later he worked out along with his signature elements to produce the magnificent.


Let's quickly skim through the design analysis:

By studying the project, it was understood that the designer had shrewd eyes even for the tiniest accessories used. Ar, Amee Vora wanted to maximize the functional space and the resident count was noted to six adults and two kids. The major public zones were quoted for a multi-purpose room, pooja room, living, dining, kitchen, and a powder room. Staff quarters for six, a utility area with washer, dryer, steam press, and ironing facility on both floors, sections allotted for handwashing and line-drying laundry took care of the back-of-the-house activities. The spatial layout was done with intricate detailing to infuse in the Indian elementary accessories and patterns to incorporate the native richness.

This project was always noted for the perfect blending of both contemporary and Indian interior styles.


Innovative and inventive surface textures with a well-researched concept bring life to the whole building. Usage of materials like quartz, hand-cut bevelled mirror mosaic, onyx clads inlaid pearls, custom-made herringbone pattern floor, and solid wood fluted wall paneling with ikat fabrics, which collectively add to a dashing interior setting.

The whole building was designed in a continuous fashion where the architect made sure that the rooms were flowing without interrupting the personal functional space. The home "A Mahal in the sky" is a unique construction and design of a well-researched and invested project constantly revolving around Indian and contemporary, old and new, luxurious and pragmatism.


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