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Apps that support paperless architecture.


Paperless architecture has been a talk of the town for quite some time now and in this blog we will be discussing the applications that support paperless architecture, which is digitally capable of reproducing the work which otherwise is often done on paper.

Below mentioned are few applications that support paperless architecture:

1. BIMx.

The architectural software provides architects and clients with a gamified approach to project visualization, enhancing the interactivity of 3D views and walkthroughs.

2. Site Audit Pro.

Architects using Site Audit Pro can undertake a final onsite audit and then generate PDF files that can be emailed from the construction site. The application has the ability to capture and upload images, add annotations or comments, and share reports via email.

3. Concepts.

Architects can explore and sketch ideas by hand, produce precision drawings to scale, iterate on designs quickly, export to software applications like AutoCAD, and instantly share their work for an efficient, mobile workflow.

4. PlanGrid.

PlanGrid takes a digital approach to the construction record set, giving architects construction blueprints and other documents in a paperless environment.

5. DroneDeploy.

The comprehensive mapping tool was developed to counter the construction industry’s growing demand for aerial site intelligence. The app has the ability to automate a drone flight from take-off to landing and automatically captures photos which then can be processed to create 2D maps, digital elevation models, and 3D models.

6. Sun Seeker.

Sun Seeker, developed by the Australian software company ozPDA, offers valuable solar information to map sun paths. The app shows the sun’s hourly direction intervals, its equinox, winter and summer solstice paths, sunrise sunset times, twilight times, sun shadow as well as the golden hour.

7. Morpholio Trace.

This sketching tool which allows users to work fluidly through all the design process and the software allows users to jump into and walk around drawings with other users, set a scale in imperial or metric units between two points and drag and fly through 3D models while auto setting perspective grids.

8. Scala Architectural Scale.

Drawing is the way to represent reality, ideas, speculations, and conceptions.

This software changes the way architects and planners measure unwanted printed drawings on the go. With fixed and variable scales there is no limit to measuring drawings of any scale, in any unit, even if the scale is unknown.

9. Pipedrive

Pipedrive excels at tracking deals from inception to closing, as well as helping business leaders manage all of the aspects of winning clients.

10. Magic Plan

It is designed to help architects figure out an ideal floor plan simply by using a smartphone or tablet. Magic plan has the ability to turn the device’s camera into a scanner with the power to draw a plan or import existing floor plans and export new plans as PDF, DXF, or JPG.

(Source: urban architecture)

The perfect kind of architecture decision is the one which never has to be made — Robert C. Martin

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