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Architectural exhibitions and events.

Source: Archdaily

Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures. A more practical and realistic definition would include the design of the total built environment from the macro level of town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture to the micro-level of construction details and sometimes even furniture.

The architectural exhibition is difficult to display and collect the articles, so it's more of a representation through models.

The exhibition is a feeling of warmth and finding a home to true artists.

Below mentioned are some of the famous architectural exhibitions around the world:

1. Venice Architecture Biennale


Venice Biennale is also known as Mozra di Architettura di Venezia is an international exhibition held every even year. In this exhibition architects from all over the world are invited to present their craft and it was established in the year 1980. The ultimate intention is to showcase architectural solutions to contemporary societal, humanistic and technological issues. It is also a wide opportunity for architects to present their work as well as to study from other architects.

2. CANactions International Architecture Festival.

CANactions International Architecture Festival is one of the biggest yearly fest/ exhibition in Europe since 2008. This festival aims to discuss and question the general principles of living environments which set the direction for establishing new housing typologies as well. It takes you around various innovative approaches to Architecture enriching one's knowledge.

3. Copenhagen Architecture Festival


This festival was founded in 2014 under the initiative of Joseph Michau, Peter Moller Rasmussen, and Made Farso. The aim of the festival is to extend the idea of what architecture can be and how it sweeps everywhere in human lives.

4. London Festival of Architecture


It is the world's largest annual Architecture Festival in the world's capital city for Architecture. It is conducted every year in the month of June. The vast programs delivered by a mix of independent organizations and individuals make it unique. Announcement of the festival's theme happens months before the actual festival.

5. Habitat Expo


It is an exhibition of design, interiors, and architecture in Mexico City featuring a conference program about Mexico's interior design industry.

6. Z-axis- Charles- Corea Foundation

This event brings together star architects from around the world to share their experiences about solving urban challenges.

7. M+ matters - Archigram cities.