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Architectural Journalism.


Journalism is very familiar to all of us, but how about Architectural Journalism?

Theoretically, architectural journalism can be defined as a niche of writing about architecture and design. Architects and designers with a flair for writing pursue Architectural Journalism. They get an advantage of learning while commenting on a work of architecture or design philosophy.

Like any other kind of journalism, it also focuses on reporting the new advancements in the architecture world.

Architectural Journalism can be categorized into diverse subparts, namely: design interpretation, perceptional thinking, creative writing, paper writing, documentation in terms of photography, exploration, and so on.

In a word, we could say that documenting anything related to architecture can be termed architectural journalism.

Architectural journalism is pursued as a career by many these days. As a profession, it is gaining much value in comparison to that of being a conventional architect across the globe. If someone is not into the core designing part and has a considerable good skill of writing, then this is the sure call of a job for such people. It is engaging yet interesting and gradually makes one an expert in analyzing and interpreting the designs and structures.

Publications related to architecture are categorized as magazines, journals (referred and researched), development monthlies, local quarterlies, conference proceedings (national/international), scientific journals (for example Scopus Index-Journal, Elsevier, ABACUS, Spandrel et cetera). Some of the popular architectural magazines based abroad are: Architectural Record, Architectural Review, Concept, Soiled, Landscape, Architect, Architectural Digest, and many more; whereas those based in India are A+D, Domus, Indian Architect & Builder Magazine, Home Trends, Inside Outside, How Architect Works, Society Interiors and the like.

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Here are 8 tips if you are planning to pursue a career in architectural journalism:

1. Architecture degree

It is very important to have a degree in architecture to have strong technical knowledge and to understand the concepts well.

2. Read

Read as much as you can and whenever you can, as it is an important tool to increase your vocabulary which will automatically reflect in the writing.

3. Write

Keep writing, as good writing comes out only with practice and criticisms.

4. Be up-to-date

Never miss out on any particular event or anything of that concern. Update yourself as much as you can on time.

5. Internship

Apply for internships and work with them to get to know about the real work culture and to gain experience.

6. Hunt opportunities.

Always be thirsty for exposure and never really let that fire down. Constant effort and hard work pay well.

7. Find your Niche

Getting to find your own niche might take some time, but explore as much as you can and experiment till you meet your ultimate comfort.

8. Take the big step

Life is never smooth and nothing without risks. Have faith in your own work and take a leap.

An Architectural Journalist is someone who not only has advanced architectural skills but also has the ability to interpret his design methodologies and prowess.