Architecture in the city - Victoria, Australia


The Victorian style of architecture in Australia can be divided into 3 periods: Early, Mid and Late. The architecture of Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria and the second-most populous city in Australia, is characterized by a wide variety of styles dating from the early years of European settlement to the present day. The city is famous and noted for the right mix of victorian architecture and a modernistic influence. The architecture of Victoria has always been noted for the brilliance in construction and the language it speaks of the culture, tradition and moreover, it is an expedition of art.

In this blog, we will be taking you through the top 8 brilliant architectural works of the Victorian State.

1. The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion


The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion is a sacred Buddhist monument being constructed near Bendigo in central Victoria, Australia. The basic idea for building this stupa came from Lama Yeshe, and after his passing Lama Zopa Rinpoche decided to model the stupa on the Great Stupa of Gyantse, and it is 600 years old.

2. Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo


Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst and the seat of the Bishop of Sandhurst. The cathedral is located in the provincial city of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. It was designed in the Gothic style in 1895 by an architect of the firm Reed, Barnes, and Tappin. It marks the importance of the victorian period and the construction is a reflection of style aged back to then.

3. Old Treasury Building


The Old Treasury Building on Spring Street in Melbourne, built 1858-62 as a home for the Treasury Department of the Government of Victoria as well as the Governor In Council, now houses a range of functions, including a museum of Melbourne history, known as Old Treasury Building Museum. The Old Treasury Building is widely regarded as one of the finest 19th-century buildings in Melbourne and the architectural style is a combination of Renaissance Revival architecture.

4. Mary Borough Railway Station


Maryborough railway station is a heritage-listed railway station at Lennox Street, Maryborough, Fraser Coast Region, Queensland, Australia. It is on the North Coast line serving the city of Maryborough. The Station was opened in 1874 and quickly got established its importance as a major junction within-country Victoria. The design and construction runs back to age and marks a significance.

5. Royal Exhibition Building


The Royal Exhibition Building is a World Heritage-listed building in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, built-in 1879-80 as part of the international exhibition movement, which presented over 50 exhibitions between 1851 and 1915 around the globe. Joseph Reed the concerned architect of the project combined Gothic architecture, Rundbogenstil while constructing.

6. Melbourne Town Hall