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2019 Summer Workshop Marvel!!

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

We are pleased and proud to announce that we have successfully completed workshops for architectural software this summer! Having conducted courses for a variety of software: including the most popular of all- Revit, Sketch-up, Lumion and Photoshop. Slowly picking up pace is computational design workshops including Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.

Class in full swing

Diversity at peaks!

We had amazing response to our BIM workshops too this year. There were students and professionals from almost all colleges in Bangalore and various firms who joined us in our journey.

We have always made it a point to cater to the specific needs of that particular batch. With this in mind, we even completed various projects of our students depending on their particular designs and problems.

It's about understanding the software not learning.

In addition to our regular courses we were extremely happy to offer free of cost courses to differently abled students. It was humbling to see people coming in support to help these students in their endeavor. We eagerly look forward to conducting more workshops of this kind and see how we can bring a positive change in the society!

Lastly, we also thrive to bridge the gap between the academic and the practical worlds of Architecture. In this regard, we look forward to conducting highly informative workshops to equip the fresh graduates with tools and technical know-how to be ready for practice. And, to share knowledge about recent developments in fittings, fixtures, materials and installation. All of this- with help of famous leading architects in the town and with technicians of various companies coming in to explain different products available and their use. We hope this small step of ours benefits a big number of budding architects!

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