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AutoCAD Block VS Group


AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application. This software is used by architects, city planners, engineers, project managers, etc. This software allows one to draw and edit digital 2D and 3D designs at ease. The available setting cloud storage makes it easily accessible.

The main features of AutoCAD include :

-3D Modeling and Visualization.

-Photorealistic Rendering.

-Solid, Surface, and Mesh Modeling.

-Visual Styles.

-PDF and DGN Import/Export/Underlay.

-Section Planes.

-3D Scanning and Point Clouds.

-3D Navigation.AutoCAD Block

Here, we shall look deeper into Block and Group in AutoCAD.

An AutoCAD user would know about the different available options to save time while drawing and working with drawings. Redrawing of certain elements like doors and windows can be avoided if they are saved in the form of blocks and groups. These saved files can be used for future projects through a mere copy-paste procedure.


The key difference between AutoCAD block and group lies in their ability to make changes separate and as a whole.

If a slight change is made to one instance in the group, it will not automate changes to all the other elements present in the group. Wherein if you want to make that change take over for the entire elements, then the wisest option is to save these objects as a block. In a block, the change brought in will be automated to all the elements present. One of the major advantages of using a group over block is that any group can be ungrouped and a block cannot be unblocked. But one thing the user needs to keep in mind is the fact that, while exploding a block, changes made to the original file will not automatically make the rectifications to the rest of the elements.

"Good software, likes wine, takes time".

- Joel Spolsky


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