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AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design and drafting software application. Developed and marketed by Autodesk, AutoCAD was first released in December 1982 as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers.

ARCHICAD is an architectural BIM CAD software for Macintosh and Windows developed by the Hungarian company Graphisoft.

Both the software are highly useful in the field of architecture and in this blog we will be discussing pointers among these two. We cannot really compare between these two, as both of them are of two different genres and extremely useful in the respective fields. Below mentioned are some basic differences.

1. Usage:

AutoCAD is used for product designing, civil infrastructure, 2D drawings, drafts, documents, as well as 3D models.

ArchiCAD is used for Virtual Building Modelling. It has specific building tools like walls, slab, door, windows, etc. It is also used to create 2D/3D models.

2. Characteristics of AutoCAD

- AutoCAD is used worldwide across industries, by architects, engineers, town planners, and many experienced professionals.

- AutoCAD aids the user to create and design better buildings, deliver scalable and feasible infrastructure assignments, manage production costs and predict project outcomes.

- In AutoCAD, the users are able to control the appearance of the materials attached to the 3D models, they can view lighting and shadows in their scenes, thus helping them in attaining many realistic renders of 3D models.

- Section planes one of the best features of AutoCAD, which helps to obtain the cross-sectional views of 3D objects. These section planes aids in examining the minor details of 3D objects that help them to cut through solids, surface meshes, and regions.

- The user can also control the text appearance in 2D drawings. They can have full control and can change the font, line spacing, color, etc.

- One of the features in AutoCAD is that the user gets to link the tables within their 2D drawings directly to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. With this feature, they can even import formulas and data from Excel into the table.

- The users can even import the PDF files into AutoCAD. They can import 2D geometry, and true type texts as well.

- It also comes with an SHF text recognition tool that allows the users to convert text with SHF fonts into a text object.

- Any non-Autodesk 3D models, geographic locations and online maps can also be imported into AutoCAD.

3. Charachteristics of ArchiCAD:

- Some of the exceptional features of ArchiCAD are parametric custom profiles, expression-based properties, productivity, and interface intensification, and speedy 2D navigation.

- ArchiCAD is available as a mobile application called BIMx.

- ArchiCAD supports Geometric Description Language (GDL) which is used to create new and improvised components.

- ArchiCAD is a very important program as it is the first application that includes both 2D/3D geometry and BIM program as well.

- This software is used for real-time editing and communication which helps in boosting the overall BIM experience of the user. It allows aids in working more progressively and competently.

- This software is a master in workspace arrangements and the only widely-used functions are displayed. Rest all the functions are saved as favorites.

- ArchiCAD is a smooth application for its use in the 2D zooming and panning experience, despite any complexity.

- ArchiCAD enhances multiple workflows and productivity. The enhancements deliver realistic buildings, designs, accurate construction documentation, and precise cost estimations.

- With ArchiCAD, the user gets a façade design workflow that boosts to develop, design and detail hierarchical curtain wall systems with a lot of simplicity.


AutoCAD and ArchiCAD, both are extremely useful to the architects and designers in their field. Above mentioned are the basic characteristics.