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Basic principles of Vastu Shastra for a living room !!!

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A living room or a lounge room is a must factor for any home design and also a place used by inhabitants for social and common use. In Indian culture, family members tend to spend a good amount of time together and mostly living room happens to be the venue, thereby it is very important to look into the Vastu principles for a living room to attract good energy and maintain a perfect balance among all the five elements of Vastu Shastra.

It is most ideal for a living room to face east, north, or northeast and as an alternative solution northwest direction also appears to be favorable. In a living room, west and southwest corners should be reserved for placing heavy furniture and it is suitable for all the electronic items to be fixed in the southeast section of the living room. If there happens to be a mirror in the living room, it is important to make sure that it needs to be placed on the north wall.

The main door at the entrance is where the flow of energy begins as per the observations and study of Vastu experts. Make sure to avoid keeping shoe racks outside the entrance door as it might attract negative energy and it is important for this particular area to be well lighted.

The color palette used in the living room gives an insight into the personalities living in there and also it is the place that essentially needs to be trapped with positive energy. It is always advised to go with lighter shades for them as they are associated with different positivity traits like purity, warmth, calmness, perfection, and so on.

Striking a balance with the primary color shade of the home walls creates the right energy and tends to fill the room with positivity and happiness.

Source: Pinterest

Even the decor products kept in a living room seem to have a great impact. Certain objects are said to bring in negative energy and thereby, the accessories for the living room needs to be selected with care. Paintings with a negative outline, broken mirrors and non-working electronic appliances, cracked photo frames, and other things have to be avoided as they capable of bringing bad luck.

The Vast study of Vastu Shastra has got all the principles scripted for any type of construction. It is believed that building a Vastu positive structure/ building helps to bring in positive energy and good health.


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