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Basics principles of Vastu Shastra for a kitchen design.


As discussed in our previous blog, Vastu Shastra is a vast topic and very much prevalent in Indian architecture. The kitchen is an integral part of Indian households and it is believed that a happy kitchen lays the stone for a happy home.


Five elements of Vastu Shastra are Earth (Bhoomi), Water (Jala), Fire (Agni), Air (Vaayu), Space (Akasha). According to the Vastu Vidhya, Lord Agni prevails in the southeast direction of the home which concludes for the ideal placement of kitchen in the house or any other type of building inclusive of the kitchen for that matter. Another alternative prescribed by the text is the northwest direction (in case if southeast is not possible at all).

Major articles inside a kitchen represent fire and so it is ideal to keep all the elements like cooking range, toasters, etc in the southeast direction in a particular fashion that the person using these by default has to face the east direction.

The kitchen is considered an inseparable and sacred portion of the home, and so it is very important to maintain the perfect balance between all the five elements of Vastu.


This principle proposed the guideline of to never assemble the gas stove and washbasins on the same platform. North and northeast direction is suitable for washbasins and water tanks are prescribed to be constructed or placed outside the kitchen in the west direction of the house. Vastu Vidhya claims that wealth and health follow if a proper balance is maintained in terms of the water element.


The placement of refrigerators in the southwest area is said to help overcome obstacles in life and also ensures a peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen. Southwest direction is also great for storage as it is believed to bring in lucks and happiness.

All types of energies prevail at home and the kitchen is one part of the home that attracts the most amount of energy, both good and evil. A perfect balance amo

ng all the five elements can be made possible by careful planning of the layout and vast research. Below mentioned are few pointers to keep a note of while planning a Vastu positive design for a kitchen:

- Emphasis on the layout

- Entrance should be in the right direction

- Right placement of the cooking range

- Right placement of washbasins

- Include windows in the best possible directions

- Colour schemes are an important factor

- Right placement of the refrigerator

As we all know, Vastu Shastra itself is a vast study and due to the various constraints in the specific area, following each and every principle might not be a possibility in most of the scenarios. But trying and incorporating the basic principles can also bring in notable changes.