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Bugs in Lumion.


Though Lumion is a widely used and accepted software, it has its own bugs and faults. No software can be picture perfect and fault-free. In this blog, we will be discussing the top 5 bugs in Lumion faced by many.

1. When you import a 3D model, Lumion crashes.

- Lumion has its own limitations and so when you try to import a file of relatively higher size of poly and complex model with loads of details, this makes Lumion slow and makes it crash eventually.

2. After importing a model from Revit, the materials inside Lumion don't match.

- This happens because some Revit materials are created using procedural textures or complex materials and cannot be converted to real-time materials. Lumion then tries to come out with the best representation based on base texture maps.

3. When you import a SketchUp file, Lumion crashes.

- An invalid texture duplication can make Lumion crash, which holds for the reason of this particular bug.

4. While importing a file, objects shift out of place.

- When the file is exported, the internal relative position is not translated properly to world coordinates and so the object tends to shift out of place.

5. When you import a 3D model with several objects inside, some don't appear in Lumion.

- Sometimes while modeling, we import a 3D model in the modeling package that we use and export everything to Lumion. It might happen that the 3D model we imported doesn't appear in Lumion and trying to explode 3D models before exporting 3D models might be of help.

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Lumion is one of the top software that made rendering a lot more interesting and easier. Each new version has brought a considerable amount of changes to enhance the user-interface as well as to fix these bugs.

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