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Celebrated interior design styles.


Interior designing can be defined as the art of creating functional space incorporating with the client's idea and perception of living spaces and utilities.

There different types of styles of interior designs practiced across the globe for creating the most efficient layout to make the most of a room's potential.

In this blog, we shall look further into the seven most celebrated interior design styles in the world.

1. Traditional


The traditional style of interior designing is inspired by the 18th and 19th-century European decor and arrangements seen inside a residence. This timeless style amplifies the elegance and classy comfort. While working with clients having an eye on the traditional design, the designers work a lot with antiques, art, patterns, rich color palettes, wooden finish, symmetrical textures, and more. Traditional design can be more specifically defined as a kind of interior design where aestheticism and ornamentation are prioritized over simplicity.

2. Contemporary


The contemporary style of interior design is described in terms of subtle and simple designs with deliberate use of texture and clean lines. This style of interior design is highly adaptive and evolving over time. The fluid nature of the style makes it preferable and celebrated across the industry and also it focuses on the warm and functional nature of the space.

3. Modern


Modern interior design style aims at evoking a sense of simplicity with suitable color palettes and materials ranging from metals and glass to bring out a sleek pattern. Not a lot of clutter is involved with the usage of furniture and other accessories.

4. Transitional


The transitional style of interior design is a mix of adaptations from both modern and traditional interior design styles. This style is noted for the appealing balance which is surprising and unexpected in most cases. The transitional style embraces a neutral color palette.

5. Scandinavian


Scandinavian interior design style mainly incorporates minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. The design includes the use of natural materials, such as leather, wood, and hemp. Spacious, with fewer accessories and functional furniture quotes for the latter style. White color palettes, form-pressed wood, bright plastics, enameled aluminum, steel, and wide plank flooring are basic elements used in the designing work for this particular style.

6. Bohemian


Carfree layout structure with non-definitive patterns, colors, and textures refer to the Bohemian style in a nutshell. This style is more or less like making a room to fit in all your accessories from different forms and genres and yet making it look appealing and classy.

7. Minimalist


This concept of interior design is very much popular in the Australian region. Here the color palette is neutral and soft with simple and streamlined furnishings. The entire concept of minimalist interior design style is driven by a sense of functionality and clean lines.

8. Monochromatic


Monochromatic style in interior design is very popular in the field. This style mainly focuses on the usage of a single color for the entire space. While decorating for a monochromatic style of interior, the decorator/designer keeps in mind to use the same hue throughout the elements in a room, from the floor to the furniture, wall paint color, artwork, and more.

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