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Civilizations of the world: Ancient Greek


The civilization of Ancient Greece came into existence in the 8th century.

This period often quoted as the "Green dark ages" was also highly influential in aspects like languages, educational systems, philosophy, science and arts.

Greek civilization had a powerful influence on the Roman civilization and some scholars even consider Roman civilization as a continuation of the same civilization. Literature and theatre were an important aspect of Greek culture and they even influenced modern drama. The Greeks were known for their sophisticated sculpture and architecture

Few achievements of Greek Civilization are as follows:

- The Water Mill

- The Odometer

- The Alarm Clock

- Cartography

- Olympics

- Basics of Geometry

- Earliest Practice of Medicine

- Modern Philosophy


Architecture did play a notable role in civilization. Greek architecture is known for tall columns, intricate detail, symmetry, harmony, and balance. The three distinct orders in ancient Greek architecture are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian which were later adopted by Romans. Tuscan and composite orders of classical architecture were greatly influenced by the first three orders. These architectural designs are widely used today by combining features from all three. This unique style of architecture is important today for several reasons. Logic and order count to the most important ones among all the reasons. The history of ancient greek architecture says that it came from the Greek-speaking people, whose culture flourished on the Greek mainland.


Mentioned below are some interesting facts about ancient Greece:

- Ancient Greece had lots of city-states

- Marathons came from Ancient Greek times

- About one-third of the Ancient Greeks were slaves

- The juries were huge

- Greeks called themselves 'Hellenes

- The Romans copied the Greeks

Apart from the achievements of the civilization, Greece is still looked up with much cultural and heritage importance. It is still celebrated as the origin of major architectural designs which have been adopted extensively all around the world.

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