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Conservation VS Restoration Architecture


Conservation Architecture describes the process through which the material, historical, and design integrity of any built heritage are prolonged through carefully planned interventions.

Whereas the concept of restoration is intended at minimal intervention from architects but has its own challenge of re-creating and reviving spaces from its historic time of creation.

The entire concept of architectural conservation is concerned with the setting of saving aesthetic aspects and the heritage value, with minimum alteration of original materials used in the construction aging back to years. Restoration works with the ideology of returning back the fabric to the original state with minimum adulteration.

There are several conservation and restoration techniques used by architects to successfully preserve the heritage value of the structure and design.

Conservation of heritage buildings are important as it provides a sense of identity and continuity in a fast-changing world for future generations.

Nine steps involved in the conservation process are:

- Identifying the problems and opportunities

- Determining objectives

- Finding the inventory resources

- Analysing the resource data

- Formulating the alternatives

- Evaluating the alternatives

- Decision making

- Executing the plan

- Evaluating the plan.

In restoration architecture, the ultimate aim is to provide the setting back to its original fabric. The process also involves strengthening techniques to increase the life span of the building.

Some typical restoration techniques in architecture are as follows:

- Groutings

- Bonding

- Deep joints

- Rebuilding of part of the facings of walls

- Stitching of walls with prestressed rebars

- Reinforcement of masonry with steel bars

Studies have proved the need for conservation and restoration architecture for protecting the heritage value and for the creator's effort. Preserving historical buildings is equally important as development as that is the only possible way for people to experience a bit of their past. In order to prevent the deterioration of historic buildings, conservation and restoration architects work on methods to retain the building with heritage and historic importance.

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