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Essentials to carry on a site visit!


A site visit is an inseparable part of the architect's life. Almost on all days, you are out there, studying the field and checking its compatibility with the plan and more. To utilize the time effectively, it is important to visit the site with the required articles and be prepared to make the best out of the time. The ultimate win of any site visit is to collect as much information as possible at the end of the visit.

An architectural site analysis will look at the site location, size, topography, zoning, traffic conditions, and climate. And essentials to carry on a site visit differ from the area of visit concerning its climatic condition and the land's geography.

The following five elements are essential irrespective of the land you choose for the site visit.


Site Map: it gives a solid reference to cross-check with the plan and note the observations. It is more like a mandatory element of the site visits.

Camera: Taking pictures from all possible angles to even taking pictures of the surrounding areas is really important, thereby helping to plan and implement strategies like shadows, etc., while building. This might also be needed for future presentations.

Smart Phone: helps navigate the direction and even can capture a decent panoramic view, and smartphones are of high help.

Notebook: An architect will never be enough of noting down observation to produce and create the best out of the land. No matter how much ever digitalized the century is, one can never really get rid of the paper feel, and so does a notebook on a site visit.

Measuring tape: Though the sites might be previously measured and noted innumerable times, a certain gut feeling might actually want you to cross-check. In scenarios like an existent hazard or the chance of one, measuring proximity is of high importance.

It is vital to sketch up through the topography and do a background study of the project's concerned area and nearby localities prior. A site visit is fun and responsible, moreover an insight into the whole process of planning and designing.

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