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Everything you need to know about HDRI images!


HDRI images can sound a little distant and never heard before types and so in today's blog, we will be looking considerably deeper into HDRI images and the concept.

HDRI can be expanded to High-dynamic-range imaging.

HDRI is a panoramic photo, which covers all angles from a single point and contains a large amount of data (usually 32 bits per pixel per channel), which can be used for the illumination of Computer Graphics scenes.

This technique is used in photographic imaging, films, and in ray-traced computer-generated imaging to reproduce a greater range of luminosity than what is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.

Below mentioned are some of the notable features one should know about HDRI:

-HDRI light is the quickest way of doing exterior or environmental lighting.

-It auto-balances the warmth and cooler shades in the exterior aspect.

-It's very easy and user friendly

-HDRI light comes with structures like trees clouds, sun, and so many other natural elements and we also have the provision to adjust the direction and placement for the same.

- With the help of HDRI lighting, interior and exterior detailing of realistic elements become much easier.

Following are a list of some HDRI sources available as of now:

- HDRI Haven

- HDRMAPS Freebies


- Viz-People HDRI

- HDRI - Locations

- Interior HDRI Freepack

- Shop-s84 HDRI

- HDR Labs


Some architects prefer to use a plain white background while doing their projects, but with the help of HDRI things become much easier and appealing to enhance the project outlook. These days architects seem to care a lot about HDRI lighting and sources, which thereby proves that it is prominently heading up in the industry.


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