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Famous work of Thomas Heatherwick - The Vessel.


The English designer and artist Thomas Alexander Heatherwick is known for his innovative use of engineering and materials in public monuments and sculptures. He heads the Heatherwick Studio, which was founded in 1994. He has been described as one of Britain's most significant designers.

Heatherwick has been involved in the design of many projects, some are controversial too. In this blog, we will be discussing his famous project "The Vessel".

The vessel is a structure and visitor attraction built as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project in Manhattan, New York City, New York.

It is an “intensely social piece of three-dimensional public space” that's meant to be “open to interpretation and use.” Even the name "Vessel" is just a placeholder until they find and fix one officially.

The 16 storey Vessel is a 150-foot-tall (46 m) structure of connected staircases between the buildings of Hudson Yards, located in the 5-acre Hudson Yards Public Square.

Thomas Heatherwick's all-time appreciated work and the impressive bronzed steel-and-concrete structure (The Vessel ) offers visitors a one-mile vertical climbing experience.

The CEO of Hudson Yards' Developer stated that the unusual shape and structure of the building will stand out like a 12 month Christmas tree for the city. Whereas Heatherwick stated, " he intends visitors to climb and explore the structure as if it were a jungle gym".

The structure started functioning in March 2019 after four years of construction and fabrication.

It seems that Thomas Heatherwick was inspired by the concept of Indian Stepwells for his construction as the design of the structure is prominently porous with floating staircases, floating landings, and interconnected platforms.


As in any other Heatherwicks's work innovative engineering and construction quality is something of discussion-worthy all time. The monument has given the city a whole new meaning incorporating art, sculpture and architecture.

I'm not really interested in creating things to be seen inside a private gallery. I'm interested in creating things that are all around us, that engage us. I just find the things that I respond to are useful.

-Thomas Heatherwick

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