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Five software any graphic designer needs to know!

A visual communication intertwined with aesthetic communication to present concepts conveying a message to create an impact is graphic designing, in shorter " art with a purpose". Graphic designing is a wide spectrum of career opportunity these days, and here are five software any graphic designer needs to know.

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1, Adobe Indesign

A standard desktop publishing software for creating and editing any visual content with a beginner-friendly user interface. From a small postcard to a magazine, adobe InDesign takes you over.

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2, Adobe Photoshop

A professional-grade software where designers create and edit graphics along with several other features like cropping, colour grading, re-sizing. It is the software that enables editing a large batch of pictures creating intricate digital art.

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3, Adobe Illustrator

The most used software for creating high-quality vector images which also can be scaled up and down without compromising on the quality of images. Understanding concepts like paths, layout, colour, texts, effects are required for creating. Illustrator plays a major role in creating logos, diagrams, charts and graphs.

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4, Adobe Dreamweaver

This web development and design software from Adobe allow the designer to see a visual representation of the web content while writing and editing a new code.

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5, Powerpoint

A graphic designer needs to be skilled in PowerPoint, not because it is of great help to them technically. Still, the organization or the cooperation the designer works for will be demanding the skill for it.


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Graphic designing is an art and more than a job. The virtual connection it makes with the world is of notable impact. The real win depends on its efficiency in conveying messages and producing the desired output, just like the way artists believed that design is intelligence made visible.


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