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Food and architecture!

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Have you ever wondered about what food has got to do with architecture?

Yes, so here is our blog on " food and architecture".

Food architecture can be defined as the “art and practice of designing and fabricating foods”. Food architects design foods to have a specific aesthetic and function depending on their intended use.

Food architecture basically puts forth the idea that foods can be designed and assembled using similar principles as architects employ to create buildings. So here the building blocks used are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, to create structures inside foods at the nano- and micro-scales that lead to the desired look, feel, and taste. The theory or concept behind this idea speaks of the food particles and the force created or developed in between them to hold these particles together. As for how trends in architectural designs keep changing over time, trends in food architecture too change. One of the exciting trends in food architecture sometime ago was the " molecular gastronomy movement".

'Food architecture can also be quoted as Culinary Architecture.

It can actually be considered as two types:

1. Designing a food product ( cakes are the most common in use)

2. Recreating an already existing structure with food particles.

Food architecture has succeeded in creating a revolution in the present era and a notable amount of the population has pursued the same with a career perspective.

Architecture has grown wide enough to offer a broad career path taking a switch from the mainstream. Food architecture is definitely an interesting and also a growing industry with time.


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