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Future of architecture w.r.t technology.


Architecture is a vast field and it is definitely one among the industries that cannot be kept aside for any matter. Though we tend to correlate architecture with beautifully designed homes, buildings and structures, it has come a long way away from just the designing and constructing part of the process. India has always been famous in this field for the brilliant designs our ancestors could execute through the historical monuments and structures we have.

As decades pass by, the extend of technology used in the A&D started rising bit by bit and now we are almost on the verge of a paperless era of architecture, however, initially, technology was welcomed cold-hearted in the Indian A&D industry. A futuristic perspective of introspection makes it very evident that future architects have a major role in the development of the country and in promoting sustainable architecture. Technology is one among the affordable pleasures created by a man and the growing influence of technology in the A&D industry is no more a hidden factor. With the advancements in technology, architects are able to create a unique design with the most practical and appropriate design and materials.


Let's not keep aside the fact that architecture has shaped into a "technology-intensive discipline". The computer-aided design, computer-assisted collaboration, and construction automation had promised previously and has proved with time the positive impact it is capable of creating and has created already. Undoubtedly the scope of architecture in India with respect to technology will rise in the future as we have almost reached a point demanding a safe and secure place for living that requires technological intervention to all the existing and upcoming traditional narrative design. Creating a healthy cultural climate, clean buildings, and sustainable working environments both at home and at the workplace will become a mandatory objective soon for health and ecological concerns.

In India, since the population keeps rising with increased digitalization in the nation, it will become imminent to use resources efficiently and effectively which indirectly calls for effective service from the A&D industry resulting in the conscious and productive intervention of technology in architecture.


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