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How can architects contribute to COVID 19?

In an Aesop’s Fable, a character says, ‘Be careful what you wish for, it may come true!’ It is hard to think of anyone who might not have wished for more time. When we fervently wish for something and blame all setbacks and unfilled tasks to the lack of it, one would assume that when it is made available in abundance, all troubles would evaporate. Right?

While all of us might not take it as a great proposition after stressing about the surging counts and panic propelled by the idiot boxes, we believe there’s always a silver lining which might just be a little broader for our community (winks) and we at __[firm’s name]__ wants to open it up to you.

The creativity an architect brings out in the work they produce has enabled us to be identified as a respectable cohort that we are today. With the unprecedented challenges the industry and society are facing in the wake of pandemic forced guidelines, the expertise of the A&D community has become paramount. And well for us, this has made things all the more interesting, providing a never-before opportunity to fire up our inventive bugs.

People all over the world talking about safe workplaces, office-friendly homes like deep learning chambers. This is fundamentally changing the value proposition of workspaces to strike the balance of isolated concentration and productive collaboration. The opportunities are endless when almost everyone predicts that public spaces will move towards more automation – automatic doors, voice-activated elevators, handsfree switches to name a few. We have every reason to be excited because now architects can take advantage from disciplines such as robotics, mechanics, digital fabrication, bio-design, bio-architecture, and more.

All this is definitely the future, but your young spirited mind might question, What about now? Well, it’s all about where we choose to look. Architects have come to the rescue of the most crucial sector which is under immense pressure to deliver, Healthcare. Makeshift intensive care units, temporary recovery units, converting existing buildings, even trains into field hospitals, all involves design and planning as the core competency. Governments are relying largely on the A&D community for novel solutions and ideas. Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments or CURA design emergency hospitals are gaining traction, which is an open-source framework currently being built in Milan by a group of architects and engineers.

While we have talked a lot about how we can grow as a community, there’s something more we have in store and we can’t wait to break it to you. Naturally, we are creators and builders, but current scenarios have led us to up roles we never thought we would. That is of consultants, providing assistance to the government, integrating our knowledge with software, creating a multitude of apps!

Yes, architects are assisting in procurements, issuing guidelines about materials, preparing checklist applications gauging convertibility of building into hospitals, recommendations on increasing air exchange, structures to maintain humidity levels and whatnot.

By now, we know you’re excited about the future, present, or about changing the past. Whatever be the case, this experience has proved that we are all very connected. We just may have to become a bit less physically so, wherever possible. Hence, we have the perfect virtual learning options, curated to serve your needs. Because shaping a society starts with the need to shape ourselves.

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