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How feasible is work-from-home for an architect?


An architect's day-to-day routine includes innumerable client meetings, repeated site visits, redrawing the plans, cross-checking the designs, and a lot more.

Now for almost a year, the usual structure has turned upside down, client meetings are now virtual, there has been an increased focus on paperless architecture, the number of site visits are lesser, and an overall reduced interaction within the system.

Due to the present scenario, the A&D industry was forced to change the working strategies and methods for health concerns which have amplified the dependence on technology.

Though things were quite difficult in the beginning, the new working models have managed to impress with a positive outlook despite the atrocities that are happening worldwide. Virtual meetings are effectively setting on the action, and software advancements have brought in even more innovative aspects to the project design. The digital world has succeeded in bringing solutions to many factors, even though there are few across the track.


On a one-to-one interaction with our lead architect, we got to know that, the work-from-home scheme is feasible for an architect only to an extent. Let's not forget the fact that, effective designs and execution of a project involves a lot of social interactions and field study which is not that easy through a system's screen. Hands-on-touch experience of the field is an undeniable factor for a passionate architect to put his utmost into the work. Although provisions to host virtual meetings are a boon in this time frame, a face-to-face interaction results in a better understanding of the matter discussed.

The undying knowledge of architectural software that was foreseen before years is now finally full-fledged action.

"Architecture is a way of thinking about the world very similar in structure to writing a book since both disciplines represent the same field and domain"

- Rem Koolhaas