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How is Revit making life easy for Architects.

Source: Architizer

Revit is a Building information model (BIM) software used by architects, engineers, contractors, and designers to create a unified model with real-life information. It is used to coordinate all data inputs, including CAD, and produce federated project deliverables.

Often Revit is seen as a boon in architecture, and the following are five points on how it makes the architect's life so easy.

1.Revit is a BIM software: Revit provides 3D components with real life information and its Building information model.

2. Revit help us to view all the facets of a building at one glance, because any design plan can be viewed in 3D.

3. Instantaneous modifications which also avoid dreading fear of last-minute discrepancies.

4. The structural, electrical, and mechanical models can be linked to the main architectural model in Revit to detect and track clashes between the elements. Revit allows cloud computation ensuring data access to all the members of the team thereby making teamwork efficient and easy.

5. Level of precision and perfection in Revit outweighs any other design software.

This design and 3D modeling software is quite hard to use and learn initially, which is why there is a slight reluctance in its usage still, but definitely "there is no going back once you learn Revit."


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