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How travelling is important to architecture?

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Is there anyone out there who really doesn't like travelling?

It's almost like a one-way ticket to happiness and an orgasmic breath to the visual and cultural experiences one gets to be a part of, as Alfred Tennyson said- "I'm a part of all that I've met".

In school days, a bachelors degree in architecture had always been associated with the extra perks of getting to travel, and have wondered how travelling is important for Architects. In this blog, we will be discussing the same.

Architects tend to view things differently from others, it has a deeper sense of understanding and observations are on the top catch.

It is said that travelling opens doors to timeless architecture. It gives an insight into the lifestyle of various culture and the practices of respective places thereby giving a sense of direction maybe to some project in the future.

Travel for work is different from the travelling that one takes from a break. Travel for work is mostly like getting to know about the site, studying topography, carrying out further researches and making an effective plan for proceeding with the project. Whereas the other travelling as in on a break is more like taking a break from all the other thoughts of worry and allowing yourself to immerse in an art form, getting a greater deeper meaning, understanding the sensation of the place and its influence on the construction and anything around possible, observing at one's own pace to get more insight and also supportive to the whole romantic idea of collecting memories and for the thrill of meeting new people, human beings are social animals and cannot really live without socializing.


Apart from designing and constructing, architects are expected and positioned to improve life on numerous levels for cities, towns and even for professional clients as in a collective perspective. Architecture is something we are surrounded by all the times, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously.

There are a number of reasons for any architect to choose travelling and which also reflects in the better progress of the project. From being able to connect with people of varied culture to collecting ideas and insights from them to understanding the history and folklore of the respective place which has also indirectly influenced the design, construction and being able to carry out a fabric study of the geography is one major reason why travelling is considered important in architecture.

It is also obvious that a passionate architect while travelling tend to brush across the innumerable intangible aspects that otherwise simply exist, these things are prone to have a deeper impact while getting back to work or

creating the masterpiece.


Any passionate architect is a traveler by heart, as no building or design has failed to amuse him/her and admire with heart and analyze further in terms of strategies.

Reasons are different and several for any person to travel and it just adds on with an innumerable set of reasons on introspecting with architecture kept in mind. The study tour, site visits are all extensively included in the curriculum of five years of architecture keeping intact the importance of exposure and visual study of the structure. The intimacy of the human mind with spaces around and the connection one tries to build in answers for the quest of the architect's urge to travel. Architects consider themselves socially responsible for creating the best for the people, experiences and moments are the things that often give rise to extravagant ideas and design.

To travel is to admire architecture all around.


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