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Interior designer Vs Interior decorator.


Just like the confusion that lingers around the role specifics of architects and civil engineers, the same does revolve around interior designers and interior decorators. They are often mistaken for the same designation and entity.

Interior designing can be defined as the art of creating functional space incorporating with the client's idea and perception of living spaces and utilities. In contrast, interior decorating is about adorning a place with decorative elements and articles to enhance the perseverance of the area by keeping in mind the aesthetic sense of the space.

Let's look into the differences first by considering the qualifications required to work as a professional in these nominations.

It is mandatory for an interior designer to possess a bachelor's or master's degree in interior designing to work as a professional in the field. Further certifications and diplomas in the same are considered as an added advantage. Research strategies, CAD, architecture, illustration, drawing, rendering, layouts, photography, design process are the major subjects that come under the curriculum apart from the communication and presentation skills that are expected by default.

Whereas in the case of interior decorating, there isn't a degree for the course specifically but mostly branching out from interior designing and supported with certifications and internships.


Interior designers study the client's needs and specifications and work on creating a functional space within the respect concerning all the strategies. Decorators work with the setting of furniture and other elemental accessories to enhance the aesthete of the environment. It is strict to have a license for interior designers which makes them capable of handling the dual role of a designer and a decorator, but a decorator can never fit the role of a designer. Interior decorators usually study the fabrics, textures, and other treatments that can be performed on the existing structure and spaces to amplify the beauty. To maintain and practice a sustainable design adhering to the building and environmental codes are the sole responsibilities of the designer.


Both the fields are interesting to candidates with a touch and taste to all these and with the ability to visualize things to the extreme core.

" Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs


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