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Internship, before or after thesis?


Internship and thesis are an inseparable part of B.Arch's life period. The five-year full-time programme of architecture at the undergraduate level is a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge for students to learn the art of planning, designing, and constructing physical structures of various kinds.

Site visits, study tours, internships, and thesis are an inseparable part of the programme and yet an emotional ride.

Architectural internships are the formal training needed to become certified in the profession of Architecture and is essential for gaining well-rounded experiences, in the developmental and completed phases of design and construction projects.

Whereas an architectural thesis is the independent design project on a topic selected and developed by the student. Usually, it occurs in the final two semesters of the course, but these days some colleges prefer before the internship.

In this blog, we will be discussing the pros and cons of doing an internship before and after your thesis semester.

Architecture is one field of study that demands you to be aware of anything and everything possible. Staying creative throughout with an open mind to accept the criticism and yet work with enthusiasm to bring out the less-seen and unique counts to the real win.


Usually universities and colleges prefer internships before the thesis semester, but recently an interchanging pattern is also seen. Both these ways have their own pros and cons.

Generally, when you do an internship before the thesis, the practical knowledge a student will gain is enormous which is very much likely to reflect in his/her thesis project. Internships give you a wide exposure to get to know about the practical aspects and detailing of both the designing and construction process. Which will indirectly help you to be realistic in the project you select and proceed with the thesis semester. In terms of costing, suitable materials, appropriate bills to be passed before starting with the construction, the various permissions, break downs and breakthroughs, etc can all be seen and learned with great exposure during your internship. This knowledge gained will be ultimately reflected in the thesis you create and the project's practicality. Another great thing that can be done is by seeking an internship to a firm that has already done a similar project of which you wish to take up as your thesis.

But this pattern of the thesis after internship doesn't sound so right always when cross-checking in terms of seeking a job and the ease to get in. If internships are done after the thesis, there is absolutely zero need to go to college after the tenure which makes it easy for the company to hire you if they want. Vigorous training given for six months to one year makes it easy for the firm to give a shot of hiring. And also while applying for internships, a thesis helps you a lot to showcase a big project thereby proving your capability of handling and working things.


Practical knowledge and enthusiasm staying at its fresh and lively mode make it comparatively easier to survive and sustain in the job if you opt for one right after your internship.

Pros and cons are equal for both the patterns of completing the architecture degree, it is all about setting and understanding one's own priority and working with a direction.

If you weren't an optimist, it would be impossible for you to be an architect".

- Norman Foster

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