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LinkedIn profile tips for budding architects !!!


LinkedIn is one of the greatest career resources, unlike any other social media platform. It can also be defined as a place to establish yourself professionally outside the existing confined workspaces. This boon of the era helps you to slowly build connections throughout the world.

This largest professional network helps you find the right jobs and even internships, the platform also provides the provision to advertise job vacancies and market one's own brand.

A recent suggests that "even if you do not wish to spend good time on LinkedIn, it is worth all the fifteen-twenty minutes that costs you to build up a profile", which summarises to the point that LinkedIn has almost turned out to be an essential norm of condition when you step out to your professional life.

In this article, we will discuss some tips to enhance your LinkedIn profile, especially when you have stepped out to a professional field like Architecture.

Basic steps like updating a professional/ semi-professional photograph for your display picture to updating the audio version of your name are equally important as featuring your works and external endorsements for your skills.

Let's get to this in steps.

1. Update your profile full-proof


Updating your profile full proof here means, filling up all the details and uploading your resume without fail. Keep your taglines crisp and intact (this is something that needs to be updated after a good considerable thought), as taglines catch attraction.

Regularly update all your educational plus employment backgrounds, and always make sure to mention your dream job in the summary slot. Your summary is the place where you literally sell yourselves to all the recruiters. The stronger your selling points are, the higher are the chances of getting selected.

It is considered better to avoid hobbies while filling up your interests, until and unless it goes along with your profession or builds up the brand. Explaining about your job role and achievements under each employment experience and events attended increases the authenticity of your profile.

2. Contact Details


Most of the time, we end up providing our personal email- ID but keeping multiple email IDs including your work mail IDs helps you fetch relatively useful connections. LinkedIn provides a feature for automatic conversion of your contacts into connections, but preferring a manual mode favors you to connect with people wisely and in a more controlled format.

3. Link your professional blogs and other work profiles to your LinkedIn profile.


By doing this, your profile visitors unconsciously develop the impression that you have a strong base in the field, which indirectly helps you get recommendations and search suggestions.

4. Make use of the publishing features


LinkedIn is sufficed with inbuilt publishing features, where you could publish your certificates, projects, thesis, etc. Make the most of these features as it helps in creating your brand name.

5. Join Groups


Joining groups of your professional interests and following your dream companies has got its own advantages. Valid mutual connections and authentic job vacancy notifications are added benefits.