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Lumion 2021 updates!


Lumion is 3D rendering software made especially for architects. It allows anyone to build a 3D environment and then create beautiful images, impressive video presentations, and live walkthroughs. The great user reviews and extensive use in the industry have made Lumion grow exponentially.

This standalone software has brought in new features through their latest update of Lumion 11.

Along with new features, errors are resolved, some changes are brought to boost the performance.

Following are the new feature highlights of Lumion 11:

- Orthographic view

- Inclusion of new objects

- Animated phasing (pro only)

- Rain streaks (pro only)

- Volumetric fire (pro only)

- Micro shadows for the spotlight

- Improved gaslighting

- Metallic car shader (pro only)

- New materials

- OSM satellite maps (pro only)

- Custom IES spotlights

- LiveSync for BricsCAD

- RAL Color picker

- High-quality theatre preview

- Artistic panorama effects

- Basic tutorials for new users

- Updated user interface

- Other workflow improvements

- Change in the foundation

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Lumion 11 promises to breathe life into your renderings and provide enhanced connectivity between your project design and clients.

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