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Masters in conservation and restoration architecture.


This multidisciplinary master's program aims at training architects in tackling conservation issues at the planning level, interpreting history in the modern context, dealing with structural issues, documentation of cultural heritage along with analyzing the resource data and successful execution of the project.

The role of the conservation architect is to provide expert advice for conserving the architectural heritage and site. He/she has an important advocacy role to play in promoting the conservation of unprotected architectural heritage and sites.

Whereas, restoration architects work with the aim of minimal intervention in the original fabric to sustain the health of the building and increase the life-span. It has its own challenge of re-creating and reviving spaces from its historic times.


A bachelor's degree in architecture and qualifying respective entrance examinations are the two basic eligibility criteria for joining this course. Criteria can differ depending on the university and place you are applying to.

Core subjects for the master's program will be as following:

- Conservation philosophy

- Conservation principles and practices

- Conservation science, techniques and technology

- Conservation management

- Conservation Studio

Expected student ability for pursuing a masters in conservation and restoration architecture and working in the field are:

- Ability to discuss the design programs, problems, and an alternative measure for the existing problems.

- The ability to prepare construction and office budgets.

- Imaginative and creative thinking skills.

- Ability to analyze and critically understand the problem.

- Ability to give equal importance to both huge and tiny aspects.

- Practical and technical understanding of building materials, elements, structures, and construction.

This particular course helps in enhancing skills like observation, recording, documentation, analysis, understanding, and evaluation of historic buildings and places. This particular master's degree gives students the knowledge to start a career in the same field and sub-disciplines of it ranging from heritage management to conservation architecture.

The top colleges in India providing a master's degree in Conservation and Restoration architecture are:

- School of Planning and Architecture - SPA, Delhi

- Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune

Different available job types in the country are:

- Architectural Conservator

- Architectural Engineer

- Architectural Technician

- Architectural Theoretician

- Architecture Professor

- Building Control Officer

- Building Inspector

"What a country chooses to save is what a country chooses to say about itself".

- Mollie Beatle

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