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Most used architectural software in the U.K


Digitalization has brought in major changes in the architectural field too and it has made the process easier. Many architecture firms these days have even taken up the motto to go "paperless". The invention of various software for rendering, modelling, etc has made this possible with great outputs. The growth of technology is worth the praise and architects look forward to it.

In this blog, we will be discussing the top ten software preferred by architects and is extensively in use.

Following are the ten preferred software for architecture in the U.K

1. Rhino 3D


From the time of its invention in 1998, it has become very popular as it provides the provision to enter physical drawings to process the 3D version and provide documentation for the design.

Rhino offers all the required tools a designer needs and beyond models, one can also create animations and professional renders. Rhino has been tagged as flexible software, with the help of rhino script one can also create their own plugins. The most notable feature is its ability to export rhino designs into real-world using 3D printing.

2. Revit

Source: Architizer

The building information modelling (BIM) concept is key in modern architecture. It relates to the development of sustainable buildings. Though we are in a world where environmental awareness in real-time, most of the clients consider sustainability as the prime focus.

Key feature of Revit is automation, any changes made to the model, it gets recorded throughout the project.

A second key element of Revit is cloud rendering, which in-turn makes teamwork a great aspect of this software

3. Sketchup


Sketchup provides decent elements to create professional models and the most celebrated part of SketchUp is still tagged as free-download. It offers flexibility as one can choose the features that suit the project thereby investment ( some of the exporting features are turned off) at the right point.

The cost makes it ideal for students and those operating on slim budgets. Speed is also a key aspect of SketchUp. You can create simple 3D models quickly. Even complex models are possible with the right features.

4. V-Ray