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New Age Building Material: Corten Steel.


Environmental concerns are one of the driving forces behind the aim of creating new materials along with the other factors of producing the structures which were previously not possible with the available traditional materials. Theoretically, the new age building material is defined as a category of building materials that are aimed at replacing the traditional choices of brick, timber, glass, etc.

Some materials are being re-engineered to make them stronger, self-sustaining, more versatile, and easier on the environment.

Weathering steel, often referred to by the genericized trademark COR-TEN steel is a group of steel alloys that were developed to eliminate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance after numerous years of exposure to weather. This weather-resistant steel can be more accurately termed as "Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel".


It is used in outdoor sculptures for its distressed antique appearance. Chicago Picasso sculpture, which stands in the plaza of the Daley Center Courthouse in Chicago is an example of the same.

Corten is the trade name given to the steel alloy which was originally produced by the United States Steel.

Corten steel is considered a new-age building material because of its capability to not corrode under the circumstances of exposure to air and water.

This corrosion-resistant steel is left uncoated and an outer layer patina is developed over it and thereby protecting it from almost all the elements.

These factors enable it to be used in a paintless form for any structural and architectural projects and thereby falling under the category of new age construction building material.

Apart from these benefits, corten steel is also cost-effective and doesn't really require much maintenance.

This functions to be a perfect solution for structures that are tough to approach and access. High durability makes it desirable in the market and among architects. Although regular inspection and quality checks are preferred for safety concerns.


Excellent strength with high corrosion resistance is what makes it a flourishing product in the construction industry.

Corten is better for the environment too as it eliminates the need for blast cleaning practices and chemical paints. Corten steel is highly appreciated and acknowledged these days and it continues to make the tough structures a reality.


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