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New Age Building Material: Modular Bamboo.


Increased environmental pollution gave rise to the thought of innovative and new-age building materials to include in the construction of structures and buildings thereby lessening the emission of polluting agents into the atmosphere by a considerable amount. Alternative materials corten steel, modular bamboo, bioplastic,etc are used in the construction industry these days and has managed to gain popularity over years. Apart from being environmental safety, additional advantages of cost-efficiency, durability, aesthetic beauty, and much more tags along,

In this blog, we will be looking further into the new-age building material "Modular Bamboo".

The modular system of architecture itself offers potential benefits of improving flexibility in function allocation, reducing development costs, and improving maintainability and durability. One such material taken into experimenting and succeeded in the industry is bamboo.


As a building material bamboo can be utilized as scaffolding, bridges, houses, and buildings.

Bamboo is a natural composite of material with desirable strength and weight ratio. Of all the different species of bamboo, Gadua Angustifolia, native to South America has the best properties for construction purposes.

In India, more than 50%of bamboo is grown in the north-eastern states, and species like Bambusa Balcooa, Bambusa Nutans, and Bambusa Polymorpha are ideal for construction here.

In terms of tensile strength, bamboo beats steel. Durability, strength, ease of transportation of the material, positive environmental effects, easy installation, affordability, susceptibility to deterioration, easy availability, and varied quality counts to some of the advantages of using bamboo for construction.


Few notable disadvantages of using bamboo are, it requires treatment to not get affected with fungus, shrinkage of the material can happen, and also it requires preservation.

Bamboos are used in various shapes and forms to build and few examples are square-crossed sections, arch shapes, curved and flat shapes, etc.

Usage of Bamboo is extensive in this era, as the flexibility and aesthetics go hand in hand by including bamboo into the construction.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”

- Anonymous

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