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Pandemic effects over the year - Is this the new normal now?


The idea of normalcy had almost reached a question mark with the current situation and people all around the world yearn for a healthy post-pandemic world. Reality strikes yet again with unpolished truths and life is never going to be the exact same as before. Drastic changes are taking place both at the workspaces and public spaces to maintain the government-assigned protocols and community health. Technological trends adopted by the corporates in the workplace are a subject of talk these days and seem to have created a shaking positive impact which counts for a reason to carry it forward.

Technological advancements have found their name high in aiding business and promoting digital growth and apart from that, it also covers the future lead face of the world economy.

The trend of touchless technology and remote working has proved to hike in output but also has set a mark against the work-life balance.

As the world wishes and moves towards a pots-pandemic world with communal harmony and public health, technology should solve the problems by keeping human interests.

Along with the technological growth, the A&D industry sets out in action to face the situational challenges and lead forward with effective designs, alterations, and successful execution.

By slowly adapting to the new changes, architecture is called on to recreate not only the workspace but designs actively involving on a day to day prospects.

Architects have already contributed to the atrocities and still working on new designs and strategies to assure utmost safety for the public.

Usually, architecture is one such industry where changes are brought into sight with due course of time, but as soon as they hitting of the pandemic, architects did knew their actions need to be quick. The emergence of new architectural elements and immediate alterations brought into the existing design strategy of public spaces and innovative ideas brought into the workspace has proved to create a positive impact towards controlling the viral outbreak.

Post pandemic trends in architecture have set an open eye on quick sustainable planning with effective implementation in no time.

This highly inventive and progressive field is obliged to society for providing a safe and secure place to stay, work and breathe around.