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Proportions and scales!


Proportion is a central principle of architectural theory and an important connection between mathematics and art. It is the visual effect of the relationships of the various objects and spaces that make up a structure to one another and to the whole.

Scale refers to the size of something compared to a reference standard or to the size of something else.

Proportion and scales are important aspects of a good architectural design and establishing a good balance between the two ideally results in great architecture.

The aim of the building design will always be to create a composition that inspires and mark a pointer in the history of times. Proportions and scales help in achieving the aesthetic quality of the design.


Anyone in the field of architecture and designing would know the importance of proportion and scale and how they have turned out to be a ruling principle in the field.

When reading through history we understand that the sense of scale was created through people's experience in the world through observation and comparisons. In the same way while designing a new space, proportions, and scale based on your experience and plot requirement is a crucial judging factor in order to build a structure/ living space with a heartfelt living texture.

The proportion in architecture can also be defined as the art of adjusting the size and shape of elements in a way that they look good in relationship to each other and to the work as a whole. Two kinds of proportion in architecture are direct proportion and inverse proportion.


Accurately sticking to scale and being able to shift between the scales is a fundamental skill of architectural drawing and spatial design.

There are three types of scales and they are:

-Visual scale - refers not to the actual dimension of things but rather to how small or large something appears to be in relation to its normal size.

- Hierarchical scale - refers to the deliberate use of relative size in a work of art, in order to communicate differences in importance.

- Distorted scale - distort scale to create an abnormal or supernatural effect.


It really takes effort and skills for an architect to draft a plan and efficiently execute the same to produce the outstanding. And one of the principles that rule among all the concepts are proportion and scale.


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