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Renowned interior designers of India


It is no more a hidden fact that interior designing plays a major part in bringing life to any space or functional area. The same reason helped in the growth and establishment of the industry.

Indian interior designers never failed to take the whole game a notch up and make it accessible and happening not just to metro cities but also in smaller towns and villages. A good interior design is not only about the fusion of styles and great aesthetic sense but also about the right combination of function and form in a unique fashion.

In this article, let's some of the passionate and influential interior designers in the country.

1. Monica Khanna


This interior designer based in Delhi has years of hands-on experience and is the head of Monica Khanna Designs. Her expertise also extends to sustainable design and intelligent homes. Among the various completed projects, she is noted specially for designing the interior of two luxury trains "The Palace on Wheels and The Royal Orient".

2. Manit Rastogi


The architect turned interior designer has earned his name in the field out of pure passion. Rastogi has received quite a number of both international and Indian awards. Harley Davidson Corporate Office, Gurgaon, Pearl Academy in Jaipur, Chettinad health city auditorium are some of his famous works.

3. Lipika Sud


The founder-director of Lipika Sud Interiors Pvt.Ltd and Designer Dimension Pvt.Ltd has been working in this field with expertise for over three decades. Her works were noticed throughout which made her bag the award for "Best Design Professional of 2012". The famous interior designer is known for her unique fusion sense and style also holds a degree in Law.

4. Aamir Sharma


Based out of Hyderabad, Aamir Sharma is listed under Forbes India for 7 architects and interior designers to keep note. This dynamic designer is very often appreciated for his interior design work at Testa Rosa Cafe and Lotus Palace Restaurants. He along with his wife Hameeda, who is also an interior designer started Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers which has gained wide popularity in a short time for their project excellency.

5. Anjum Jung


The Executive Director and interior designer of Morph Design Company, Anjum Jung believes in creating vibrant urban designs. This self-taught interior designer is widely appreciated for her work at Angasana Oasis Spa and Resort and at Oakwood Service Apartments.

6. Rajiv Saini

Source: arcchitectandinter