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Role of architects in the post-pandemic world!


Pandemic has hit the A&D industry harshly like any other and it was a game-changer. Despite the adverse conditions and atrocities, architects still play a major role in society's well-being and assuring health in buildings and communities. Many hotels and other public buildings have been converted to provide bed space for patients and for medical purposes which call for the need of an architect in planning it efficiently and effectively. Apart from the medical aspect, architecture has also brought in a change in the public spaces to maintain proper social distancing thereby assuring less mingling among the public.

Architects succeeded in coming up with designs that support the present scenario and implementing real quick strategies to control the outbreak of the disease.

Effective and innovative design is the key to create better health in buildings and communities aiming at quicker recoveries.

Extensive requirement of research before finalizing a full-proof design calculative of future, increased responsibility in bringing up a multi-efficient design are the two major concerned responsibility of an architect in the present times.

The evolution of emergence of new architectural elements and designs has taken the industry a level up.

Interventions brought into the existing designs like partitions, increased separating spaces, and innovative ideas all club together for a collective aim of ensuring safety to human health and saving the world from another severe attack of the virus.

Like the medical industry being the superheroes in our present life, A&D industry works in facilitating the terms and conditions put forth by the government authorities.

The present scenario proves for the statement that "architecture is an inventive field and progressive in nature".

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