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The emergence of new architectural elements

Source: Pinterest

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the A&D industry had no choice but to get kick-started the creativity to ensure a tight grip to control the severe spreading of the disease.

Covid-19 broke the conventional working principle (time-consuming execution) that existed in the industry before and rather came forward with the quickest effective solutions.

Strategies were brought and the primary focus was on the following:

- Increased focus on sustainable architecture

- Increased attention to public safety in the designs

- Innovative designs were implemented to avoid social mingling and more.

In this period of crisis, some new elements were picked and used as an architectural element in the alternative designs and patterns.

The primary aim behind the emergence of new architectural elements:

- To assure responsible architecture

- To safeguard the situation

- Help people maintain social distancing and more

Barricades, tapes, fiberglass(for partitions), laminated frames are a few among the top list of materials that were used to bring out a change.

The pandemic has led to the quick execution of designs and strategies to assure safety for the public. Architects came up with innovative ideas to control the viral outbreak bit by bit.

Changes in seating arrangements at offices, public spaces, walkways were made.

Source: Pinterest

The design of a space is important as it has the power to keep us safe and unsafe. Re-fitting and re-altering elements were the primary steps taken and executed as a measure to control the viral outbreak.

Interventions brought into the existing designs and innovative ideas all club together for a collective aim of ensuring safety to human health and saving the world from another severe attack of the virus.

As quoted in our earlier blogs, architecture is a highly progressive field and so do the different elements used in the industry.

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