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Thinking of a career in graphic designing? Here is everything you need to know!

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Every time you remember brands with the logo or take a deep look into a poster, it's like a clap for the creators, and that is the graphic designers out there.

Psychologists often refer to graphic designing as a mindful activity.

Graphic designing = Art with a purpose (conveying the concepts and connecting the audience visually)

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Its 21st century and digital art are all around, and so does a career in graphic designing. Graphic designers are referred to as graphic artists and are of high demand in sales and marketing, brochure making, logos and more.

What is the work of a graphic designer?

They create visual concepts with the help of technologies to convey the idea and concept and communicate effectively with the targeted people. Strategic placements of images and texts carry out their work. In short graphic designing combines art and technology accompanied by the power of an out of the box thinking ability.

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Where do they get to work?

They work in magazines, advertising agencies, media and so on. Since the era of digitalization is here, job opportunities are really high for graphic designers.

Expected qualities for a graphic designer?

• Creativity

Ability to think and create the unique, less-seen, vibrant.

• Time-management

Usually, they work on multiple projects at a time, so they have to be deadline-oriented.

• Design Knowledge

A graphic designer need not be a professional in drawing but need to have a basic design knowledge and the willingness to experiment.

• Analytical ability

When the client approaches with a concept, he/she should be able to analyse the problem and come up with the best solution possible to communicate efficiently with the target population.

Graphic designing itself is a broad field, and so the aspirant should try trial and error method to find his/her niche and develop on it.

Graphic design helps to provide a persistent visual identity for any product, brand or a message through the logo and other visual representations. Fetching employment in any industries, never getting bored with monotony, and available exposure to work in multiple environments calls for the perks of being a graphic designer.

You are good to go in graphic designing if willing to think out of the box, experiment the unseen and pick-up the challenge to break the barriers.

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