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Top 5 bugs in AutoCAD!


Though AutoCAD is a widely used and accepted software, it has its own bugs and faults. No software can be picture perfect and fault-free. In this blog, we will be discussing the top 5 bugs in AutoCAD reported by the majority.

1. Layers get inverted while opening layer property manager.

2. Previous tabs being used as the current tab instead of hiding it when creating a new layout tab force.

3.While using AutoCAD, the program randomly crashes or freezes. Some of the most common symptoms are:

-Fatal error message.

-Unhandled exception error.

-Unhandled access violation error.

-AutoCAD has stopped working message.

-Message that AutoCAD is not responding.

-AutoCAD quits working and disappears without any message.

4. Different elevation values for the drawings and lines ( more than 0 ) while working on 2rd.

5. Appearance of random lines in AutoCAD drawings.

Though faults and bugs exist, AutoCAD has made life and work a lot easier for Architects and designers and still continues to play a major role in the design field.

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