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Top 5 Trends Shaping Product Design in 2020

The market sees some new, innovative products every year in both the consumer and business domains. The product designs are evolving as the technology powering those products is evolving. Features like touch screens, wireless connectivity, and various other smart tech capabilities have become very ordinary in the past few years resulting in an eager look ahead towards even newer technology.

As the times change and industries evolve, here are the Top 5 Trends Shaping Product Design in 2020.

1. Sustainable & Eco-friendly Products

Today’s consumers have been inclining more towards the products that are manufactured in sustainable and eco-friendly ways. More and more companies are taking the initiative of supporting environment-friendly methods and materials, as global warming and climate change continue to affect the planet.

Even the world of fashion is going green! The consumers of today; particularly the young Millennials and Gen-Z, are aware of the health of the planet and have shown that sustainable fashion is more important to them rather than their money. In 2020, the fashion industry tends to set more focus on sustainable design.

2. Multipurpose Products

The trend of products that have the possibility of carrying dozens of functions within them remains in 2020. When all the functionalities of the pre-smartphone era like; the telephone, GPS, calculator, camera, and computer merged as one, consumers began to think of more products with the same multi-functional possibilities to simplify their lives.

Consequently, the trend continues to inform product design.

3. Simple & Minimal Designs

Minimalism is a trend that has stepped its foot a long time ago and hasn’t stopped since. It’s not just a trend anymore, it is a lifestyle. People who follow the minimal lifestyle want their products to be minimal as well so that it reflects the aesthetic.

Products that have a slim, sleek, and stylish look to them are preferred by today’s consumer. Basically, the simpler the design, the better.

4. Visibly Secure Products

Consumers nowadays are anxious and worried because of the flow of data leak reports all over the media and the security risks of sharing their data with different businesses, resulting in their focus to be on the products that evolve with their concerns.

Businesses are now expected to put security front and center in their products.

5. Smart Customization

People love it when their belongings have a personal touch to them. This 2020 trend is all about the customization and personalization of the consumers’ product.

A great example of this is the smart homes where customers choose custom options so that they can control the lights, the security, the heat, and, the entertainment of their homes in the most convenient ways possible.

Conclusively, brand designers have to keep an eye out for what the consumers of 2020 are looking for while maintaining consistency in their work. Not only do the consumers want a stylish product, but it should also have multi possibilities along with a knack to save our planet.

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