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Top 50 commands in AutoCAD!

Source: wikipedia

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting program used for a large number of different design processes. Its usage centers around drawing with electronic equivalents of real-life drafting tools. The added support of digital precision helps with measurements and calculations, 3D components, and data sharing.

In this blog we will be sharing 50 useful commands in AutoCAD to make your user-experience a lot more easier.

Below mentioned are the top 50 commands in AutoCAD:

1. CHSPACE - This allows you to move objects in a drawing from layout to model space by choosing a viewport to push the text or objects into. This works in both directions.


2. BURST - Allows you to explode a block/object without losing any of its attributes.

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3. NCOPY - Copies linework or objects from a nested object into your current drawing. Especially useful for bringing XREF linework into current drawings.

4. OOPS - it fixes your mistake (as long as it's a delete) no matter how far back it was. Instead of using CTRL-Z, OOPS undoes your last erase command without affecting any work you have done since then.


5. FILEDIA - Setting this value to 1 allows dialog boxes to open in AutoCAD, setting it to 0 means everything is done in the command line.

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6. APPLOAD - Allows you to set which application to load in conjunction with opening AutoCAD.

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7. Work with Images - Instead of scaling and rotating images each time, simply insert the image into a blank drawing and set its position, scale, and rotation. After your image is how you want it, save the drawing. This lets you insert that image as a drawing, instead of the image, and all settings are kept the same. Especially useful for images like company logos, etc.

8. R / REDRAW - Refreshes the drawing in the viewport.

9. DIMBASELINE - Creates a dimension that starts from a baseline of earlier dimensions that is linear, angular, or coordinate.


10. ID - Displays point coordinates throughout your worksheet.